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Membership in the American Uveitis Society is open to all physicians and researchers with an active role in the care of patients with uveitis and ocular inflammatory disease or who are currently performing research in an area directly applicable to the field of ocular inflammatory disease or ocular immunology. 

Specific criteria for membership are:
  • Completion of a medical or doctoral level graduate degree
  • Recommendation by two individuals (at least one of whom must be a current member of the American Uveitis Society)
  • Any ONE of the following 3 criteria
    1. Completion of (or current enrollment in) an AUPO FCC Compliant uveitis fellowship
    2. Dedication of 30% or more of the applicant's professional effort to uveitis patient care or ocular immunology research
    3. Publication of at least 2 peer reviewed papers in the field of uveitis or ocular immunology on which the applicant is 1st, 2nd, or senior author
  • Review and approval of application by the Executive Committee of the society

To apply, complete the application found here: AUS Membership Application rev 2024-02-10.pdf Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee admission to membership. All applications, once complete, are reviewed by the AUS Membership Committee and then submitted for consideration for membership to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets twice yearly in conjunction with the AUS Spring and Fall meetings at ARVO and AAO, respectively.

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