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AUS MicroMedex Task Force Reports First Update on Uveitis Treatments

2023-08-28 17:23 | Russell Read (Administrator)

We are excited to inform you that the AUS Micromedex Task Force headed by Drs. Robert Swan and Bob Moorthy, along with Drs. Jenn Cao, Joan Lee, Christopher Conrady, Caroline Minkus, and Laura Kopplin has successfully approached MicroMedex and provided peer-reviewed evidence strongly supporting the use of traditional immunomodulatory therapy and biologics in the treatment of non-infectious uveitis.  MicroMedex is an evidence-based, multi-database drug search engine that provides summary and in-depth information for drugs, diseases, toxicology and alternative medicine and is heavily utilized by insurance carriers to construct their tiered formularies and prior authorization policies. The AUS Micromedex Task Force asked for a desperately needed update and review of the existing database on steroid sparing IMT and biologics in uveitis management. After their independent review of submitted supporting documents and research,  MicroMedex has updated their adalimumab recommendations to include a new indication for Anterior Uveitis (adult and pediatric) and have also added once-weekly off-label dosing to both the adalimumab FDA indication along with the new Anterior Uveitis indication.  This should make adalimumab prior authorizations easier for anterior uveitis and also for escalation to weekly dosing.  Further reviews and database updates will likely follow in the next few months.

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